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16 Reasons to own an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters for men and women come with definite advantages. They have a sleek design and features that give you a trouble-free riding experience on any surface. We give 15 reasons why owning an electric scooter will be of benefit to you and your kids.

1. Best alternate mode of transportation:

Electric scooters are cheap and a great choice when it comes to choosing an alternative mode of transportation. You don’t have to depend upon fuel as these scooters run on batteries.

2. License requirements:

Electric scooters have limited speed compared with traditional bikes. Therefore, there is no or minimal licensing requirements.

3. Portability:

Most electric scooters are portable. If there is a problem with the motor or chain or tire, the electric scooter can be carried back home where you can easily fix these issues.

4. Safety:

Kid’s safety is of prime importance, and electric scooters have different safety features. For example, almost every scooter has hand-operated acceleration control along with rear brakes. Some scooters offer a front and backlight as well.

5. Comfort:

Most people ride electric scooters in a standing position and a few models come with seating option. Handle frames are adjustable so that an average-sized person can hold on without bending forward. Electric scooters for men and women can cater to any height, weight or lifestyle.

6. Environment-friendly:

Electric scooters have ultra-quiet chain operation so that the motor ensures a noise-free ride. Being electric, there is no exhaust gases; another reason legislation to promote the use of electric scooters as a go-to mode of transport is moving forward world-wide. Owning an electric scooter makes you an environmentally aware pioneer!

7. Easy-to-maintain:

Electric scooters have durable frames and adult versions can take even the heaviest of rider (but do check the specifications). Some scooters are designed for children and adult use may damage them. The mechanical design is very simple; you just need to maintain the handlebars, the deck and the brakes. In most scooters, pneumatic tires are used for comfort and efficiency. A weekly visual check for wear and tear is recommended if you use a scooter often. Worn tires can be replaced easily and punctures can be repaired. You can even get aerosol anti-puncture ‘fluid’ which you inflate the tire with to prevent flat tires.

Have a look at some of the common maintenance products on sale here.

8. Easy-to-park:

Because of their compact design and small size, these scooters can be parked in a small space. Alternatively, you can carry an electric scooter with you.

9. Easy-to-assemble:

All electric scooters come with a manufacturer’s manual so that scooters can be assembled by a layman within 10-minutes. Some come ready-to-use out of the box!

10. Cost:

Unlike other action-sports products, an electric scooter is affordable; you can buy one for under $100 but the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ still applies!

11. Fun and enjoyment:

We don’t need to tell you that owning a scooter is a great source of fun and enjoyment. Go out, have fun and come back home safely!

There is a scooter for anyone.
  • There is a scooter style for everyone
  • Fun, reliable and cost-effective
  • Meet your friends and ride in style!
  • Easy to maintain
  • Enjoy the outdoor life and stay healthy
  • 100’s of designs to choose from
  • Electric Scooter Guru takes the hassle out of choosing!

Scooters for young and old

12. Ride manually:

You don’t have to use the battery and of course, not all scooters are electric. If you do have an electric scooter and the battery runs flat they will work as a normal scooter so you can get to your destination safely. If you know you are going to use your scooter manually then choose one which has a ‘manual’ override as this will disengage the motor and make pushing easier.

13. Smoothness:

A powerful motor, rear brakes, hand operated acceleration controls and inflatable tires with the appropriate width and diameter are combined to give you a comfortable and pleasant experience. The only drawback is the type of surface you are riding on. Smooth tarmac is best but as with all wheeled transport watch out for potholes, drains and unexpected obstacles!

Electric scooters work just as well on grass etc. The wheel diameter is a big factor to consider. Generally, for rougher terrain, choose a scooter with wider diameter wheels.

Have you thought about using a scooter for off-road? Check out these models here:

14. Time:

In busy cities, time is the issue and these sleek vehicles can help you save a lot of time on the road. They’re portable and accessible, so you’ll have no trouble taking a short cut through the subway, a shopping mall or park. You just need to recharge the batteries for a given amount of time, and that’s it. Your scooter will save precious time otherwise spent in heavy traffic, gas stations and parking lots.

15. Range:

Electric scooters have a fantastic range from fully-charged. Great for that journey to-and-from work, or to visit friends.

Check out our blog which compares the ranges of some popular models: Compare Electric Scooter Range

16. Variety of scooter styles for men and women:

There is a huge range of electric scooters for men and women and something for every lifestyle too. We’ve tried to find something for everyone so you can choose. Perhaps you have some questions. We’d love to hear from you! CONTACT US

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