Kid on Scooter for Christmas

Scooter for Kids at Christmas?

At eScooterGuru we have gift ideas for Christmas and birthdays. Have you thought of a scooter for kids at Christmas? Kick scooters are great for young children and make the school run a fun activity too!

Electric scooters are best for older kids. With a kick-scooter, younger children get the benefit of a workout and learning coordination skills; you get a safe journey without the worry of the added complications with an electric scooter.

We try the Micro Scooter Maxi 3

Check out the video of our 4-year old on the journey home from school. The scooter cuts the journey time in half and as you can see from his face it’s lots of fun.

We are impressed with the build quality of the Micro 3; not the cheapest kick scooter available but it is very sturdy and will last for years with the adjustable handlebar and tough footplate, rear brake and wheels.

Micro do a whole range of kids kick scooters and there's sure to be one to fit your preference.

Micro Scooter Maxi 3 Wheel Lightweight With Adjustable Handlebar For Age 5-12


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