Mid-Range eScooters

These are some of the best electric scooters for everyday use

The best electric scooters for everyday use should be folding, great for commuting, long distances, all sizes and versatile. We think these scooters are the business!

Mid-range electric scooters are a compromise between affordability and performance. eScooterGuru looks at some of the best scooters for everyday use.

We Also Recommend Some Awesome KICK Scooters

Best Selling eScooters

eScooterGuru electric scooters and hoverboards
Tried and tested

GRUNDIG Electric Scooter

  • 25 km/h
  • 350 W Motor
  • 25 km Range
  • Tackles 15° hills
  • 3 speed levels
  • Detachable battery design you to charge anywhere
  • Made of aviation aluminum alloy
  • Loads to 265 lbs
  • Quick fold design
  • Pneumatic 10″ tyres
  • Cruise control 
  • Triple braking system, ABS disc brake, electric brake, foot rear brake
  • LED headlights, induction taillights
  • 12 months warranty period (battery 6 months)
  • CE, FCC, ROSH, UL certified

SEGWAY NES2 Electric Scooter

  • 25 km/h
  • 300 W Motor
  • 25 km Range
  • 4-hour charging time
  • Easily folds in just 3 seconds
  • Ultra high capacity lithium battery
  • Customisable deck lights
  • 8″ air-filled tyres for smooth ride
  • Headlight and tail light
  • 3 RIDING MODES (Eco – Standard – Power)
  • Button -Activated Cruise Control
  • Suitable 14 years +

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

  • 25 km/h
  • 250 W Motor
  • 30 km Range
  • Simple but quality
  • Aerospace-grade aluminium
  • supplied with extra 2 spare tyres
  • 3 step fold design
  • Weighs just 12.5kg
  • Ultra-bright headlight taillight that flashes when braking
  • Front and rear brakes feature disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-locking system
  • Cruise control  optimises battery life
  • Prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award (2017) and iF Design Award (2017)

KUGOO M4 EScooter

  • 45 km/h
  • 500 W Motor
  • 20 km Range
  • Great for commuting
  • 3 Speed Running Modes – 15, 30 & 45km/h
  • Start key
  • Wide Footboard
  •  LED front lights and red rear warning lights
  • Dual disk brake on the front and rear wheels
  • LCD display

SILI® Ryder Pro Electric Scooter

  • 25 km/h
  • 350 W Motor
  • 25 km Range
  • 12.8 Ah removable battery. Pull out the streamline battery and replace with a fully charged battery. 
  • Spare battery can be bought seperately
  • Rear Disc Brake and Emergency Foot Brake
  • High Powered Front headlight and Rear Brake Light.
  • Three Gears: Hill Climb Gear with high torque 7.5mph. Cruise Gear with a speed of 11 mph or the High-Speed Gear capable of 16 mph

All the electric scooters above are suitable for adults and have been selected for their performance. practicality and budget. They are fast and can cover large distances.

Foldable in design, these electric scooters can be used for college, work or everyday use. Heavy adults and tall riders will all find these models sturdy and powerful.

Electric Scooter Guru

Three awesome scooters that ake you anywhere, anytime. With powerful motors, great styling and impressive ranges you can’t go wrong!

They represent some of the best electric scooters for everyday use

eScooterGuru electric scooters and hoverboards

30 km Range

250 W Motor

25 km/h

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter


30 km Range

350 W Motor

25 km/h

Hiboy S2 eScooter


30 km Range

350 W Motor

25 km/h

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Mi M365 eScooter


Featured Product

Premium Li-Ion Battery

Key Features:

  • Portable and Foldable: The new vertical design allows this E-scooter to stand up vertically and be folded within 1 second. The body, handles and seat cushion(optional) are foldable and easy to carry
  • Height can be adjusted freely
  • Powerful performance: 350 W motor and 7.5Ah this electric scooter reaches 25 km/h and support a maximum range of 18.6 miles
  • The  double shock absorbers (both front and rear) make the ride stable and comfortable.
  • The dashboard contains all the information you need like speed, display mode, power level, battery life
  • The integrated lighting headlamps and horn can easily be activated from the dashboard
  • The brake has disc brakes and electronic brakes
  • 10 inch puncture proof honeycomb tyres
  • The battery module and rear wheel indicator light can be removed

UWITGO Electric Scooter Adult Foldable - £479 & FREE Delivery


List Price:£499

Reduced Price: £440 & FREE Shipping


SEGWAY Unisex's NES2 Electric Scooter

Electric Kick Scooter, Max Speed 25 km/h, 25 km Range, Foldable and Portable

Reduced from £499

Only Free Shipping

  • The Ninebot ES2 kick scooter is the second kick scooter from the famous maker of the Segway. Suitable for leisure and commuting the ES2 is an ideal travel companion. The ES2 offers rear suspension and customisable below deck lights

  • Charging Time: 4 hours. One push folding. Front, rear, brake and under deck lights. Smart App connection. 300W Motor. 4 hour charging time. App locking feature. 8in wheels. Air-filled tyres. Maximum user weight 100kg.


Need to go off-road or just need a kick-scooter?

Electric scooters for off-road and long distances makes them even greater fun. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a traditional kick-scooter? Read on!

eScooterGuru electric scooters and hoverboards

Electric scooters are developing at a fast pace and modern scooters come with a wide range of ultra-modern benefits: Lights for riding at night, brakes which help charge the battery, sophisticated suspension and Bluetooth connectivity.

With the drive for greener transport and less reliance on cars, electric scooters are sure to become one of the best options for everyday use in cities.


Best Kick Scooters

Rugged design, lightweight, portable and fun. Great for a fun workout or short commute
Micro Speed - Lightweight Foldable Scooter

£139.95 & FREE Delivery

Micro Speed Scooter for Adults + Teens

Popular and Versatile Scooter

Micro Speed is a scooter that brings the fun for ages 10 and up – and when we say ‘up’ it doesn’t stop at 18 or 21.  It’s perfect for adults and grown-ups!

Scooter features:

  • Robust Aluminum & Steel Construction
  • Comfy Rubber Handles Grips
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height
  • Foldable, Easy to Carry and Lightweight Design

The perfect, highly durable, and practical choice for any teen or adult. This scooter is well made with high-quality materials to deliver fun for years.

Micro Scooter for Adults + Teens

Affordable, Practical and Fun

The Micro White is designed for those wanting the ultimate commuting tool for busy streets and the school run. With massive 200mm wheels this is the fastest scooter that Micro produce and is ideal for maximum distance with minimum effort

  • Main feature: unlike other big wheeled scooters, this has a much lower footplate which eliminates the need for the rider to to lean when scooting and prevents any unnatural kangeroo action that results with other models. It is a less strenous ride on the back, and we cannot recommend it enough
  • Definitely the choice of adults. Suitable for ages 10 to adult

£149.95 & FREE Delivery

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