Electric Scooter Safety

Electric Scooter Safety

We want you to ride your scooter safely. They are a great way to travel, and when they are ridden correctly, they are very safe. According to a recent report, it is safer to do short journeys in urban areas on an electric scooter than by car or motorcycle. The risk of an A&E visit for an e-scooter rider is similar to that for cyclists. Despite this, electric scooter safety should always be at the forefront of any journey.

To make sure every scooter journey is all fun and no fuss, I have put together some hints and tips on how to stay safe as you travel.

Before you hit the road (no pun intended!)

1. Read the manual

Familiarise yourself with how your new electric scooter works. Everything you need to know will be in the manufacturer’s instructions and trust me, investing a few minutes to read it will make your first experience smoother, easier and safer. It’s not the most exciting thing you will ever do, but it’s worth it!

2. Wear protective equipment

Electric scooters move very fast. In fact, because of your close proximity to the ground, it feels even faster! The single most dangerous obstacle is a kerb so head safety is essential.

I recommend that you invest in the best helmet you can afford, for complete head protection you can rely on – this really isn’t the area to save money. The good news is that modern helmets are light, stylish and easy to store. Check out some great helmets here: OR have a look at the ones selected below.


A good bicycle helmet offers enough protection for low-speed electric scooter journeys. High-speed journeys, extreme off-road and scootering in urban areas should look at motorbike or moped helmets for increased protection.

If you are thinking of purchasing one of the top-end off-road electric scooters (such as THE GUNAI), a full motorcycle helmet is best. They can reach speeds of over 50 mph so treat them with respect and stay safe!

Remember, it doesn’t take much to have a serious head-injury, so never forget to wear a helmet. We want you to ride your scooter safely and enjoy it the next day too!

OutdoorMaster Helmet – This is a very popular all-round helmet.  It comes in ALL SIZES and 8 COLORS so there is plenty of variety:

CPSC certification. Made of high-quality ABS shell, high-density EPS foam inner shell. Budget protection for Kids, Youth & Adults

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Bell Custom 500 Helmet  – a popular high-end choice for powerful off-road scootering. This open faced motorcycle helmet is lightweight and has an impressive EPS shock absorption.  It looks really good too.

Comes in Matt Black

Cool Retro Design


Overlade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet – The most compact helmet on the market. Unique and patented folding system, the helmet volume is divided by 3 when folded. It fits easily in a small backpack, a bag, or a purse.

The ideal companion for  scooter nuts!

Folding Design


LIVALL SMART Bicycle Helmet – This helmet really is The Dogs Gonads. I’d be happy just to wear it indoors on an evening!

Self-induction warning light, LED lighting activates automatically when dark, SOS intelligent rescue, one-click call, Bluetooth music playback, mobile app automatic help message (including positioning), GPS, Microphone and Bluetooth Speakers, two stereo speakers, so you can  listen to music while riding + left and right turn lights.

Use the walkie-talkie function to communicate with your fellow LIVALL helmet wearing riding team (4G data required)

The Future is Here!


Whichever helmet you choose, owning it isn’t enough. You need to wear it even on short journeys, so make sure you pick one that you like and look good in. Other protective equipment worth considering includes elbow and knee pads – especially important for high speed journeys – and gloves which improve handlebar grip. Again, you can have a look at some other suggestions HERE:

3. Check your scooter

Before you leave home, have a quick look over your electric scooter to check that everything is in order. All the following will help you ride your scooter safely.


Are they well inflated? Under-inflated tires change how your electric scooter handles and can affect the mileage you achieve in each journey. They can also leave you stranded with a flat tire far from home. Are the tires free from wear and tear? Is there plenty of tread?


This sounds obvious, but does your eScooter have enough charge to get you to your destination? And home again? Don’t risk running out of power and finding yourself stuck at the side of the road.

Brakes & Throttle:

It’s important to check that these are both working efficiently before you leave the house – discovering your throttle is sticking when you’re half way to work is far from ideal – and heading downhill towards a busy junction is no fun if your brakes don’t work!


Check that your scooter is fully unfolded and secured into the correct position to ride. It’s also worth carrying out a quick visual check to make sure there’s no damage or obvious wear and tear.

4. Get plenty of practice

Electric scooters have incredibly intuitive controls, and are easy for riders of any age to get to grips with relatively quickly.

When starting out, get used to the throttle and brakes at low speeds. Once you’re comfortable with stopping and starting in an open space, practise accelerating and braking, turning and manoeuvring around obstacles. Practise on a range of different surfaces too – the way your electric scooter handles will be different on smooth surfaces compared to forest tracks.

Scooter safety when you’re out and about

5. Road conditions

As a beginner, it’s probably best to avoid riding your electric scooter on wet or icy roads. During and immediately after downpours, the road surface becomes slippery, no matter how good your tires are. If you’re caught out in the rain, take any turns slowly and brake well in advance to avoid slipping.

Riding in torrential rain or heavy snow can cause damage to your electric scooter, so should be avoided if possible.

6. Night riding

Scooter Visibility:

Scooter safety in the dark should always be considered. You never know when you might be caught out so make sure your lights are clearly visible to other road users. This is also important in low light situations and poor weather. While most electric scooters have both front and back lights, if you are doing a lot of riding after dark it may be worth adding some reflectors to your eScooter so you can be seen more easily.

Rider Visibility:

As well as making sure the scooter is visible, it is a good idea to wear reflective clothing. Reflective jackets no longer have to be luminous yellow – The Proviz Range of Silver Jackets for MALE and FEMALE are hard to miss! There are also LED reflective belts available that can be charged by USB.  As mentioned above, it’s also worth considering a helmet with lights to keep you well illuminated.

Proviz Reflect360 Men’s Cycling Jacket – The  world’s first to be designed using a 100% reflective outer-shell. The high quality material is designed to look and feel great while keeping the weather out. Incorporates multiple vents. During the winter, vents can be closed and are designed as extra pockets if required. Also has an inside chest pocket and large lower back pocket for extra layers or a map.

Safe and Looks Great


Range of sizes from XS – XXXXL

Proviz Reflect360 Women’s Cycling Jacket – DETAILS AS ABOVE! Also:

  • 100% Polyester Mix
  • Machine Wash
  • 100% reflective outer-shell. 
  • Exceptionally waterproof and has taped inner seams
  • Soft cotton mesh lining which acts as a climate control mechanism

Ladies Cut

£84.99 – £94.99

Range of sizes from 6 – 16

LED Reflective Belt – USB Rechargeable – High Visibility Gear for Scootering, Running, Walking & Cycling – Fits Women, Men & Kids – Fully Adjustable & Lightweight – Comes in a choice of Green, Red or Blue

High Visibility


7. Road awareness

Stay focused on the road, and not your surroundings. Keep an eye out for pedestrians as well as cars and cyclists, and always expect the unexpected. I recommend riding defensively wherever possible – that means expecting every other person or vehicle not to notice you, and anticipating their possible movements so you can avoid collisions. Slow down and give yourself plenty of space and time to brake or swerve. There are other hidden dangers that scooter riders should be looking out for too, including:

Grates and manhole covers:

Remember that your electric scooter has small tyres, which makes riding over grates harder, and metal covers can be slippery – try to give yourself space to go around them.


Uneven surfaces and holes in the road are uncomfortable enough in cars – they really should be avoided on an electric scooter!


How deep is that puddle? Are you sure? Puddles can hide potholes – see above!

Rocks and stones:

Whether they are flying up at you or jamming your wheels, avoid rocks and stones as you ride wherever possible.

8. Riding responsibly

Finally, ride sensibly and responsibly. Electric scooters are lots of fun and have a great safety record, but whizzing between traffic lanes, jumping red lights and generally not following the rules of the road will put you and other road users in danger.

It’s never a good idea to give a friend a ride on your scooter – they aren’t made for two people. Most scooters have a maximum weight limit, so you’re risking damaging your scooter as well as hurting yourself and your friend – and remember, if they fall off, it’s you that they’re hanging on to!

Try to keep both hands on the handlebars – in the event that your electric scooter hits something slippery or bumpy, it’s much harder to control with just one hand.

And it goes without saying that eScootering under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also a terrible idea.

Summing Up:

Knowing that your scooter is in perfect working order and that you have it under full control will make every ride more enjoyable. By following these scooter safety tips, we hope that every journey you make on your electric scooter will be a great adventure, for all the right reasons!

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