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7 Tips to Increase Scooter Range

eScooterGuru looks at how to increase the range of your electric scooter. It’s easy and doesn’t cost any money. Fortunately, modern models can often travel up to 50-miles without charging. Some are even equipped with regenerative (KERS) brakes.  This technology charges the battery while the brakes are being applied and can extend the range further.

If you know about saving fuel driving a car, it’s pretty much the same with an electric scooter.

The following factors will help increase range:

1. Charge the Battery!

I know! Sounds obvious but if you come home from a long scooter ride and forget to charge… well, you might not be a happy bunny when it runs out on the way to work the next day!

2. Maintain the battery

A healthy battery will provide more power and a longer range. In general lithium-ion batteries are best at temperatures of around 77°F (25°C).  Higher temperatures tend to cut the life of the battery and lower temperatures cause the battery to provide less power.  In other words, avoid temperature extremes.

3. Tyre pressure.

Correct pressures help increase the range of your electric scooter
Correct tire pressures help efficiency and ride comfort

Just like cars, tyre pressure has an impact on the range of travel.  Each e-scooter model will have different specifications, so be sure to check the owner’s manual. Pressures may be different for the front and rear tyres and will vary based on the rider’s weight.

It’s recommended to check the tyre pressure on a weekly basis.  In practice, I usually do it once every three or four weeks.

4. Steady as she goes.

Accelerating hard will put the most stress on the battery, so if you want to increase the range of your electric scooter, take it steady.

5. Terrain.

Uphill all the way won’t help… but you can coast downhill after! A smooth tarmac surface is ideal and has less resistance than a grass or dirt track.

If you specifically want a scooter for off-road use we have a few off-road scooters selected HERE.

6. Weight.

You might think that a ‘dad-bod’ looks sexy but the more weight you carry the lower the range. It goes without saying that if you use your scooter to deliver bowling balls that won’t help either!

7. Look after your scooter.

Like any mechanical device, ensure your scooter’s parts are clean, lubricated and fitted correctly to ensure top performance and efficiency.

Increasing the range of your electric scooter is a simple task and doesn’t cost any money. I would advise getting a foot pump with a pressure gauge but it isn’t crucial. After a while, you will get the feel of what pressures work best for your scooter.

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